FUN FACTORY 是嬉鬧有趣的先鋒。二十多年來,我們盡善盡美,一直創造能激發性愛探索的玩具,讓你的思想可以專注於「FUN 樂趣」。我們的產品在德國製造,配合公平勞工法例和微碳排放,全因我們知道道德是性感的。

Our Brand story is: At FUN FACTORX, we are pioneers in playfulness. For over twenty years, we´ve created toys that inspire sexual exploration – and we make them well, so your mind is free to focus on FUN: Our products are responsibly manufactured in Germany, with fair labor practices and a tiny carbon footprint, because we know that ethics are sexy.



The Karen Leung Foundation (KLF) is working to save lives in Hong Kong by raising awareness of gynaecological cancer, educating women to increase rates of early detection and ensuring that women in treatment have access to optimal medical care. Founded in 2013, we are the first and only organisation in Hong Kong solely devoted to women’s gynaecological cancers. To date, the Karen Leung Foundation has raised more than HK$26 Million to fight gynaecological cancer and help Hong Kong girls and women. The Karen Leung Foundation honours the memory of Karen Leung, a hedge fund trader, who died at age 35 following a diagnosis of metastatic cervical cancer.