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風雨蘭因雨後開花而得名,外表柔弱卻能夠經歷風雨,生命力強。關注婦女性暴力協會是本港首間一站式性暴力危機支援中心。於2000年成立,取名「風雨蘭」,寄意性暴力受害人即使遭受風雨蹂躪,仍能在雨後開花,積極面對人生。風雨蘭專 為十四歲或以上受性暴力傷害的女性提供二十四小時服務。作為各項服務的協調機制,風雨蘭免費提供包括即時輔導、法醫檢查、錄取口供、提供事後避孕、性病檢查及預防治療、法律資訊等適切支援,協助遭受性暴力的女性重建自尊自信。現時,風雨蘭每年為超過200名性暴力受害人提供支援服務及接獲逾2,000個求助電話。

Rainlily earned its name because it often flowers within days of rainfall. Despite its fragile appearance, it can weather through storms. Established in 2000, Hong Kong’s first one-stop crisis center for sexual violence victims is named ‘RainLily’ with a symbolic meaning and a belief that victims can live a positive life despite having experienced trauma. RainLily provides round-the-clock services including psychological support, forensic medical examination, pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted infections screening and treatment and legal process support (statement-taking and court hearing) to female victims aged 14 years or above. Every year, RainLily provides support to over 200 victims and handles over 2,000 hotline calls.